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    This Registration is only for Omani Nationals and is common for Fuel and Electricity Subsidy. Existing Subsidy Users who are already registered under one Subsidy, need not register again to avail other Subsidies. They may directly login to the National Subsidy System and apply for other Subsidies.

    Before registering for the Electricity Subsidy, kindly update your Civil Number and other details with the respective Distribution Company (Electricity). Please pay full attention to the input requested and follow the process of registration.


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    Enter And Verify Your Personal Details

    As per the Fuel Subsidy eligibility criteria, your age should be 18 years and above to avail Fuel Subsidy.
    Only the Head of Household with an Electricity account can apply for Electricity Subsidy.
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    I did not register - This registration needs to be disputed.
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  • Subsidy Seeker - Registration

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    Enter the OTP sent to your registered Mobile Number / Email ID
  • The use of the fuel subsidy card is limited to the vehicle registered on the National Subsidy System.
  • July 2024 Fuel Prices M95 239Bz, M91 229Bz and Diesel 258Bz


National Subsidy System

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Within the context of the Government's interest in taking into consideration the Omani Nationals and implementing the decision of the Council of Ministers, the National Subsidy System (NSS) includes some segments of Omani society to mitigate the consequences and effects of the liberalization of Fuel prices and utilities such as Electricity and Water Charges.

The National Subsidy System (NSS) is aimed at supporting Omani Nationals benefit from the multiple Subsidies that the Government of Oman provides. By identifying eligible Omani Nationals who meet the criteria formed by the Government, the NSS is the key enabler to onboard the deserving group of Citizens and provide them with a protective cover against the increase in related regular expenditure streams such as Fuel, Electricity & Water. As a single-point registration system, the NSS provides a simple and yet powerful mechanism for all eligible Omani Nationals to equally participate and gain from the Subsidies given by the Government of Oman through a transparent and simple mechanism.

Currently two major Subsidy Domains operate on the NSS, namely:

  • The Fuel Subsidy
  • The Electricity & Water Subsidy (At present, only the Electricity Subsidy is available on the NSS)

All Omani Nationals are encouraged to visit each Subsidy below to understand in detail the various criteria provided on these Subsidies and if seem eligible, are welcome to Register and benefit from the Subsidies.

Implemented byMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries


  • 20Dec2020
    Start of reorienting Government Subsidy for Electricity and Water next year
    Reorienting Electricity and Water Subsidy is one of the initiatives of Fiscal Balance Plan (2020-2024)
  • 13Jun2018
    Dr. Ahmed bin Mohsen al-Ghassani talks about the decision to expand the base of ...
    Dr. Ahmed bin Mohsen al-Ghassani talks about the decision to expand the base of citizens benefiting from the system of fuel subsidies
  • 04May2018
    The National Subsidy System - NSS announced the extension date of confirm compl ...
    The National Subsidy System - NSS announced the extension date of confirm compliance, Saturday 5th May 2018
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