Fuel Subsidy

The Fuel Subsidy applies to all Omani Nationals who meet the criteria set by the Government of Oman. The criteria includes Omani Nationals who are above 18 years of age, own a Vehicle or a Boat and have a total Monthly Income not exceeding OMR 950.

The Fuel Subsidy is only for Mogas 91 (M91) Fuel Type.

The Fuel Subsidy can be applied towards:

  • Vehicle (General Population)
  • Boat (Fishermen Only)

The Fuel Subsidy comes into effect whenever the price of M91 Fuel is 180 Baisa or above as per the price set by the Government on a monthly basis.

The following are the benefits for the Subsidy users who are eligible for the Subsidy:

  • Avail M91 Fuel at a Subsidised Rate of 180 Baisa (until further notice from the Government of Oman)
  • Avail a total utilisation limit of 400 litres per Month at the Subsidised rate

The Fuel Subsidy is operated through a Fuel Subsidy Card that is allotted by the Fuel Marketing Company who are pre-selected by the approved Subsidy Seeker as a preferred partner for the Subsidised M91 Fuel.

Al-Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company
Al-Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company
Oman Oil Marketing Company
Oman Oil Marketing Company
Sheell Oman Marketing Company
Shell Oman Marketing Company

The Subsidy users are responsible to inform the Government of Oman of the change in their eligibility criteria through the NSS Portal at any point in time.

The Fuel Subsidy Card is required to be produced at the Fuel Station by the Subsidy user at the time of dispensing the fuel.

Application for the Fuel Subsidy is done through the National Subsidy System (NSS) Portal or the Mobile App for NSS. Approved Subsidy Users can log in to the NSS Application to monitor the fuel utilisation and track the status of the Fuel Subsidy Card and his/her details.

The Fuel Subsidy System operates in coordination with the National Subsidy System Committee, Fuel Marketing Companies (FMCs), Royal Oman Police (ROP) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources (MAFW).

It is presumed that the Fuel Subsidy User is responsible for:

  • Abiding to the criteria laid down by the Government of Oman to avail the Fuel Subsidy
  • Updating the change in Vehicle / Boat ownership
  • Ownership of the Fuel Subsidy card allotted and will not sell or transfer the Fuel Subsidy Card

How to Apply for Fuel Subsidy?

New Applicants:

  • Application for the Fuel Subsidy can be submitted via the National Subsidy System (NSS) Portal or the Mobile App for NSS after a registration is done

Existing Registered Electricity & Water Subsidy Users:

  • Existing registered Electricity & Water Subsidy Seekers and Users have the option to register and apply for the Fuel Subsidy directly from their Dashboard. (This is subject to Seekers and Users meeting the Subsidy criteria.)